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Let's bring stories to life and give imagination a voice 

    Cricket is a transgender non-binary person (Pronouns: They/Them/Their) who serendipitously fell into the voice acting world in 2014 and has been running down the rabbit hole ever since. Their energetic and broad vocal range has allowed them to portray a variety of creatures and characters of different ages, genders, and species. 
       Their voice can be found featured in video games such as DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: NEVERWINTERREADY OR NOTGALACTICARECRIMINALS WITHIN, and trailers for THE ASCENT and KITARIA FABLES. Cricket has worked with companies like Cryptic Studios, Brightrock Games and Space Rock Games.
        They are several voices in the MMORPG RappelZ, and various characters and creatures for audio dramas and comedies such as The Dark Ages Show and The Story Reaper. They have worked on an animated TV commercial for ADULT SWIM and have played various creatures such as goblins, demonic secretaries, and evil possessed plant life.
         Cricket has also worked with companies such as Priceline, Edward Jones, Georgia Pacific, Kwikset, and DL Evans Bank for various Advertisements, eLearning, Apps, Promos, and more. 

         Singing in character's voices is another favorite pastime of Cricket's! They have been a member of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles since 2023 and have range of soprano down to upper tenor. Cricket has a MFA in visual storytelling from the Savannah College of Art and Design and worked in the indie comic industry for several years. They now work under their studio's name Bad Carrot Studios as a freelance illustrator.

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